Bucks County Massacre

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The Bucks County Massacre

Release Date: December 2010
Rating: NR

Year    :   December 2010
By    :   United States of America
Slogan    :   The Blair Witch meets Paranormal Activity at Cloverfield!
Genre    :   Action, Horror, Thriller
Time    :   84 min. / 1:24
Budget    :   $50,000
Age    :   17+

This film was compiled from video footage found at the scene of a horrible crime. The editors would like to express their sympathies to the families of the victims. They would also like to express their gratitude to the local authorities for their involvement and cooperation on this project. The public release of this film is done with the express consent of the families of the victims and all authorities involved in this case. It is the hope of all involved that this truthful rendering of the events will bring forth new witnesses or information that will allow for this case to finally be closed.

Rating:   IMDb  / 6

Audience Choice Award

The Bucks County Massacre took home the Audience Choice award at the New Hope Film Festival in 2011.

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//     Had a limited theater run in 2011.

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BCM was way better than the Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity combined! Simply put because after investing 1 hour of my time and emotions into the characters, then I had to watch them get slaughtered! With Blair Witch, it was 3 people in the woods the whole movie without any creature or anything. Paranormal was worse with the entire movie being some invisible demon. At least with BCM you get to see a monster or mutant or something, and watch it kill everyone, and boy do the killings look real!! Actually now that I mention it, this is based on a true story with real footage, is this real???
This is a wild one of the FOUND FOOTAGE genre. There is a birthday party and then alcohol and boys and girls pairing off and cuddling, Its just to die for. You get to know the characters and especially the birthday boy who is tease thru the camera as people like to document everything like a wedding or other social event. NOW,Lets discuss the "Big Reveal'…Down right scary character is introduced and first attacks the most interesting of the girls, Tereza, and leaves the 'Good Girl' Nikki, alone for a great while.
Bucks County Massacre, the latest from Brain Damage Films, is on my lips lately. Honestly, I’d kiss it if I could. The makers are calling it “The Blair Witch meets Paranormal Activity at Cloverfield!” They couldn’t have said it better themselves. Or wait. They did. Regardless, it’s a great film. “Found footage” seems to be the latest craze, and it works crazy well. Will’s 25th birthday party is supposed to be a night of drinking and debauchery but turns sour when one partygoer goes missing after taking a phone call outside. Throughout the rest of the film, someone, or something picks off the friends, leading up to a climax that is well worth the wait.

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